#1 Pump and Dump Bot

JAU turned $100 into $2000+. These are the results of our users for the pump on Feb 12th 2022. When all bot users lost, every JAU Pump Bot user made massive🚀.

JAU Pump Bot works flawlessly on Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io and HotBit. Under 4ms time! 



About Pump and Dump

What is Pump and Dump?

About Pump and Dump

Pump and Dump is a collaboration of thousands of users. Group admins tells the coin name and all these people buy the coin at the same time. This makes that coin to raise in value super fast. 

Why do we need this bot?

Now in these sort of pumps. Some are losing so some are making. The some who makes the most are the bot users. Out of the bot users, the most efficient ones win. Here enters JAU Pump & Dump BotIt automatically picks the coin and execute the buy order in around 4ms. This makes this bot the fastest one out there. 

Why JAU Pump Bot is the best

You get the bot + everything needed.

We know about all the pumps happening in the market. Once you have the bot, we will send you the guide and stay connected with you. Our products are not designed for experts but for normal traders. Even if you have just started, still you will not face a bit of problem. It is that easy but with JAU only. Else it’s a ridiculously complicated thing. 

You certainly can not experience the easy money making with us until you are a part of JAU. 

Estimate profit on every pump

*There are around 10+ pumps every week. Imagine the profits. 

JAU Pump Bot

Core features.

This bot is all you need as it works on the exchanges where these pumps happen. 

Tested On
Super Fast

Bot executes trade in just 4 milliseconds.

Live Graph

Shows live graph of with buy time and sell target.

Trailing Stop

This helps in achieving peak profits.

Sell division

Divide your sell orders automatically.

Stop Loss

Saves you from loss in any unwanted event.

Team Support

JAU will tell you what to do on every pump.

Simple Pricing

Choose a plan that
fits your requirments.



1 Month

Get the JAU Pump Bot and Connected Services For Success

  • Discord & Telegram Group Chat
  • Pumps date, time and other info
  • Guide on every pump
  • Premium Crypto Signals
  • Free VPS setup
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3 Months

Get the JAU Pump Bot and Connected Services For Success

  • Discord and Telegram Group Chat
  • Pumps date, time and other info
  • Guide on every pump
  • Premium Crypto Signals (1 Month)
  • Free VPS setup
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1 Year

Get the JAU Pump Bot and Connected Services For Success

  • Discord & Telegram Group Chat
  • Pumps date, time and other info
  • Guide on every pump
  • Special VPS setup for Free
  • Premium Crypto Signals (3 Months)
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How can I pay for the JAU Pump Bot?

You can very easily pay via PayPalCredit and Debit Cards along with Cryptocurrencies. In order to pay via crypto, place an order with the payment method saying Pay via Crypto. By default we only use USDT but if you want to pay via other major cryptocurrencies, please drop an email at support@jau.net or contact us via live chat. 

Also, if you want to get our services while remaining hidden/unknown. It is also possible. Simply click on live chat or contact us via Discord or Telegram. 

I am not into tech and for that reason I am hesitating to purchase.

You don't have to worry about anything. We are not just selling our product only but we want to make sure you are succeeding too. If you can follow the tutorials, you can go for monthly or quarterly. If you are starter in tech, we highly recommend you to opt for an yearly plan as free setup and WhatsApp support is included in it. 

What will I get after purchase?

Once the payment is confirmed. You will get a JAU Pump Bottutorials and guides which will guide you on how to do everything. Moreover, we will also add you on our Telegram & Discord  to keep you updated. This is a special service for JAU Pump Bot users only. Our complete package is so amazing that it is impossible to find it anywhere else. 

How can I get support?

You can always contact us at support@jau.net and our super friendly support team will always be there to guide you. However, if you are a yearly plan customer, you get a special direct Discord and Telegram support 24/7. 

Tell about ROI and time to invest?

We expect that you can easily make up 3000%+ ROI every month. Simplicity is incredible. All you have to do is join discord and do a 1 minute setup before pumps. You just have to turn on your computer for like 10-15 mins several times a week. Massive returns will be made in seconds. 

Is there any possibility of a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not possible under any circumstances. The reason is it takes us to setup everything for you so it becomes quite costly to offer a refund. We are manually adding you, sending guide etc. Hope you understand.