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1 Month

Get all the Highest Quality Crypto Signals from JAU.

  • Spot / Normal Signals
  • Quick Signals
  • Pump Signals
  • Market Updates
  • Pump Winner Bot
Get JAU Crypto Signals



3 Months

Get all the Highest Quality Crypto Signals from JAU

  • Spot / Normal Signals
  • Quick Signals
  • Pump Signals
  • Market Updates
  • Pump Winner Bot
Get JAU Crypto Signals



1 Year

All in quarterly + 1 month Pump Winner bot and a free VPS setup.

  • Spot / Normal Signals
  • Quick Signals
  • Pump Signals & Market Updates
  • Discord & Telegram Group
  • Pump Winner + Free Setup (1 Month)
Get JAU Crypto Signals
How can I pay for the crypto signals?

You can very easily pay via PayPalCredit and Debit Cards along with Cryptocurrencies. In order to pay via crypto, place an order with the payment method saying Pay via Crypto. By default we only use USDT but if you want to pay via other major cryptocurrencies, please drop an email at [email protected] or contact us via live chat. 

Do you offer a trial?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. The reason is we are bound due to WhatsApp limitations and we are not in much favour of apps like telegram and discord. Once we have our own mobile apps, we might think to offer a trial but that's a long story from now. Hence, at the moment we are only able to cater those who are really serious. However, its just $29 for 1 month at the moment. Just give it a try for one month and we are pretty sure, you will forever continue with us😎

What if my country doesn't support WhatsApp?

It is not a big deal at all. For you also, we have a solution so don't worry. We have mentioned WhatsApp on the website because 90-95% of users can easily be signalled on WhatsApp.

How can I get support?

You can always contact us at [email protected] and our super friendly support team will always be there to guide you. 

Do you guarantee a 100% success everytime?

We have tested the bot in the last 4 coin launch events and have succeeded always. Still, we do not guarantee 100% success at all. The reason is, there are hundreds of things apart from our bot that can be a hindrance towards success. Maybe, your internet connection, internet traffic, Binance issue etc. This is a game of milliseconds and anything in that 1ms and for only 1ms goes wrong, outcome may not be a success. It will also not be a big loss just in case anything goes wrong as our bot is configured to save you from a heavy losses. There is nothing much to worry as we have done heavy testing and many times. We are just mentioning here just to be transparent. 

Is there any possibility of a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not possible under any circumstances. As after purchase you will already get to know about secrets which is our years of efforts. We hope you understand this.