Auto Trade Bot.
Let Experts do it.

Automate your trading for 2500%+ returns every month without a single effort.

Auto Trade Bot
Auto Trade Bot

Join 100k+ community who use JAU Crypto for Auto Trade Bot, Futures Bot and Other Crypto Services


Not a single bot can do what AUTO TRADE BOT can.

This bot is not like those useless loss making auto trade bots. Complex algorithms and tools take action along with JAU Premium signals. Simultaneously, top experts trade and monitor 24/7. 

Simple to start

After placing an order JAU will connect with you and guide you on how to get API of your account.

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Connecting to bot

We connect your API into out bot which is encrypted. Chat where API is, destroyed instantly.

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Unbelievable returns

The same unbelievable returns our signals generate are automated with even more profits.

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What to expect?
How to proceed?

JAU has done the biggest innovation in the history of cryptocurrency bots. Expect big returns without a single effort.

Auto Trade Bot

You see, starting a bot even takes some effort. How about just really doing nothing? Just keep watching your cryptocurrency growing!

JAU Crypto Futures & Auto Trade Bot are the biggest innovation when it comes to automating your trades.

Main steps

1. Purchase the bot

You can pay for the bot via PayPal, Cards & Crypto. By default it is USDT but you can pay for the bot via any cryptocurrency.

2. Connect with JAU with just one-time little effort.

Once the bot is purchased, we will connect with you to get your exchange's api. This step will just take a minute and that too for just one time.

3. There is no Step 3.

Just watch your crypto grow. The bot does everything and you can always check what's happening inside your crypto exchange.

Auto Trade +
Auto Trade +


3x Earning Potential with the help of JAU Auto Trade +

Auto Trade + is an amazing service included within the Auto Trade Bot. Once, your portfolio size is $2.5k. dedicated expert will do pumps, new token snipes, crypto scalping along with the usual auto trade bot trades. Moreover, some other strategies requiring special software and services will also make profits when you have Auto Trade +. 

Save thousands of dollars and your precious time. Let JAU do everything possible to make massive gains. 

Return On Investment
Monthly Trades

Monthly Plan Only

$42/ month + 30% Profit.
Auto Trade + is included.

Past Top Trades : 

CREAM : 567% + in 4 days. 

NEAR : 90% in 1 day. 

BURP : 120% + in 22 seconds.

In your yearly subscription, you get a dedicated expert who pumps, snipes, does crypto scalping and a lot more. Trading experts manage your portfolio and do high target trades. JAU’s precious high profit making algorithm works simultaneouslyJAU even bears all the costs like dedicated expert, server fees, bots and tools charges which accounts for thousands of dollars every month. 

JAU Auto trade bot with the Auto Trade + service is something crypto world has never seen. Auto Trade + is included in this subscription. As soon as your portfolio size is $2.5k. JAU automatically activates services like dedicated expert, pumps and snipes. 

JAU Auto Trade Bot


Per Year

With the purchase you get

  • 365 days of auto trading.
  • Amazing services of Auto Trade +
  • 24/7 friendly and expert support team.
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How can I pay for the auto trade bot?

You can very easily pay via PayPalCredit and Debit Cards along with Crypto Currencies. In order to pay via Card or PayPal, please connect with us on Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or Discord. Paying with Crypto currency is automated and works like a normal order. 

I don't know anything about crypto. How to proceed?

This service top priority is perhaps all the new and non crypto users. We will guide you each and everything. It will take no more than 5 minutes in the setup process. Rest of the trading is automated. You will see what we are buying, selling, open orders etc on your crypto exchange and its mobile app. 

All the new crypto users and non crypto users. Please do not worry when you are with JAU. This service is specially created for you only.

What will I get after purchase?

Once the payment is confirmed. We will connect and take your exchange API. That's it. The Auto Trade Bot is hosted and run on our highly equipped servers. There is the profit that you will get automatically😎. 

In case of Auto Trade + service enabled. Just a few more steps and all the rest of work whether manual or automated will be done by JAU. 

How can I give you a separate place to trade?

Sometimes what happens is you don't want to get confused and mix up your trades and our auto bot trades. Other times you are concerned with your money and may have some other privacy reason. Also many other reasons you don't wanna allow auto trade bot to trade from your main account. That's very much ok. 

JAU supports many exchanges so what you can do is to transfer the amount for auto trade bot in another exchange and let us do the trade from there. Another way is to create a sub account within the same exchange. 

Supported exchanges includes Binance, KuCoin, FTX, Huobi, Kraken, Deribit, Okex and many more. Still, exchanges like KuCoin and Binance are more preferred since it has good amounts of coins and everything better. 

How can I get support?

All of our users get 24/7 Support via Live Chat, Discord, Telegram and more.  

Am I vulnerable if I give you my API?

We only take your API with 2 conditions enabled. First is reading and Second is Trading Spot. That's it. We can not do anything other than trading on your spot account so there is absolutely nothing to worry. 


In case of Auto Trade + service . We will need some special permissions to move funds within your accounts in different exchanges or we may ask you to manually follow the updates as mentioned. This way no special permissions will be required.


We take security very seriously Your API is taken under very strong monitoring and managed in the most secure way possible.


The bot where your API gets connected is having the best encryption and top class other security measures. 


With JAU you are safe. The reason why JAU started was to save everyone from scams while giving them those fake profits one get scammed for in real. You get safety, profit, amazing customer support and lovely community. Especially our discord community. 

Is there any possibility of a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not possible under any circumstances. But let us tell you, we guarantee that what you are paying us will be recovered very fast. Sometimes in just a day depending on the amount. 

Difference between Auto Trade Bot and Auto trade Plus?

Auto Trade + is a set of special services included within the Auto Trade Bot. Once your portfolio is $2500 or more. JAU activates the services of Auto Trade +. It is totally free of charge and can make a big difference in terms of return if compared with simple Auto Trade. 

In Auto Trade Bot without Auto Trade +. Trading experts manage your portfolio and do high target trades. JAU's precious high profit making algorithm works simultaneously.

Once Auto Trade + is activated, a dedicated expert is assigned for your account who participate in pumps, snipes high quality coins, does crypto scalping and a lot more.  JAU even bears all the costs like dedicated expert, server fees, bots and tools charges which accounts for thousands of dollars every month. Moreover, some other strategies requiring special software and services will also make profits when you have Auto Trade +. 

Get started with
the auto trade bot.

An unbelievable innovation by JAU. It’s an art of high tech + research + experience