Crypto Futures Bot that can make up to 10X GAINS every month with NO BIG RISK

Crypto Futures Bot
from the future.

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Highly optimized for Crypto Futures

Our Futures bot trades in all pairs and supports many exchanges like Binance, FTX, Deribit, Bybit and OKX. Everything is fully automated for you. It is automated to an extent that you literally have to do nothing. Just enjoy profits! 

Collaboration of Expert Traders Globally, Use of Advanced Tools, Special Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and 24/7 Human Monitoring makes this bot #1 and incomparable.


24/7 Expert Monitoring

No other bot does that. We wonder, why not? Bot doesn't read the news. When Tesla has a steering and needs a driver. Your precious money too needs a crypto driver to act when needed.

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AI Combined with AI

Algorithm Intelligence combined with Artificial Intelligence. Signal to buy or sell from algorithm can be changed by artificial intelligence. This combination makes this bot so unique.

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Use 100% Investment

The only futures bot that is capable to manage 100% funds efficiently. Your investment is very precious and JAU Crypto knows how to use it in a safe and secure manner while making good gains.

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But... Is this really that good?

Monthly charges are $99 only. Why not just try for a month?

The number one #cryptofuturesbot

Keep making profits. We're handling the risks

JAU Crypto Futures Bot automatically stops, starts, increases or decreases the % of portfolio, changes trade durations and a lot more automatically. Your bot runs in a secure server in Tokyo, Japan. This makes sure bot and Exchange are connected with almost 0ms ping.

Up to 500%+ Per Scalp
1000%+ ROI Every Month


Isolated 10x - 25x
Up to 100% of your investment.

This is how a normal good trade looks like. $1000 turned $4400 in just one trade.


What to expect?
Easy setup.

Starting with Futures Bot is super easy with JAU Crypto.

Auto Trade Bot

You see, starting a bot even takes some effort. How about just really doing nothing? Just keep watching your cryptocurrency growing!

JAU Crypto Futures & Auto Trade Bot are the biggest innovation when it comes to automating your trades.

Main steps

1. Purchase the bot

You can pay for the bot via PayPal, Cards & Crypto. By default it is USDT but you can pay for the bot via any cryptocurrency.

2. Connect with JAU with just one-time little effort.

Once the bot is purchased, we will connect with you to get your exchange's api. This step will just take a minute and that too for just one time.

3. There is no Step 3.

Just watch your crypto grow. The bot does everything and you can always check what's happening inside your crypto exchange.

Unbeatable Pricing
We care for you❤️



Monthly Futures Bot

Safe and Profitable Crypto Futures Bot.

  • Up to 10x ROI Monthly
  • Use 100% Investment
  • 30% from Net Profit
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Quarterly Futures Bot

Safe and Profitable Crypto Futures Bot.

  • Up to 10x ROI Monthly
  • Use 100% Investment
  • 30% from Net Profit
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Yearly Futures Bot

Safe and Profitable Crypto Futures Bot.

  • Up to 10x ROI Monthly
  • Use 100% Investment
  • 30% from Net Profit
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Yearly - Enjoy 100%


Yearly Commission FREE

Safe and Profitable Crypto Futures Bot.

  • Up to 10x ROI Monthly
  • Use 100% Investment
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Do you offer a trial?

We do offer a monthly plan so that you can try this bot. Free trial is unfortunately not offered for the sole reason that it requires heavy time and costs on every individual. We do not want our efforts to be misused. 

How can I pay?

JAU Crypto accepts all crypto currencies. 

I still doubt. How can I test JAU Crypto?

JAU Crypto offers monthly plan for just $99. Check if it is real and working then upgrade to Futures bot bigger plans. 

How is commission calculated?

If you have any of the plans which includes commission to be paid. It is taken from Net Profit. This means profit after deducting the subscription fee you pay. 

For example, you purchased the yearly plan which has a 30% commission. You will start paying this once $500 is secured by your from profit first. After $500 profit is secured, you start paying 30% commission from profit every month. Profit is calculated and paid at the end of every month. 

How safe is JAU Futures Bot?

We are 99% sure you will not face heavy loss in a trade. Using 100% amount in futures seems to be risky but not with this bot. You may have 100% in but JAU Crypto uses a fraction of investment in a trade. A highly precise strategy works for you. 

However, futures can still be very risky and you can lose a lot also. The futures bot is specially designed for medium to high risk taking individuals. If  your funds are very important for you then please opt for Auto Trade Bot

How much returns can I really expect?

You can expect up to 10x returns on your full investment. Either the market goes up or down. You are making gains. 

However, please note that if your initial days due to some reason ends in loss then first recovering then making returns will not make you up to 10x certainly.  Little luck, entry time and other factors can contribute on the actual results. 

Let me know about refund and support?

For support you can reach JAU via any social network like Discord, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more. 

Sales support is available via live chat also. 

Refund is unfortunately not possible. 

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